what to wear

Anything that shows off your baby bump! Keep seasons in mind and whether or not you want to use these photos as a gender reveal. Wear something that makes you feel stunning, this is an important part of your family's lives that will last a short period of time, although it may not feel like it at times, and we want to make sure to capture you at  your personal best. How many outfits can you bring? I would recommend 2 at most for the session to be as comfortable as possible and some locations don't have easy access to a place to change. Whatever the case may be, we will go over all the details before the photo-shoot to make sure you're getting everything you want out of the session.

when to get your photos done

It's recommended to get your photos done anywhere from 28 weeks -30 weeks as that is when your belly will be round without being too heavy, however, listen to your body if you feel like the photos need to be done sooner then absolutely let's go for it!