I highly recommend having a schedule for the day of your wedding! As a photographer, I always recommend you do this to be able to fit everything you want in the day of your wedding, and I request a copy to help keep everything to schedule, since it'll be so chaotic for the bride and groom. As a bride, I had to make a schedule for my wedding to know where I had to be and to be able to squeeze in as much dancing as possible!

Most weddings go as follows: ceremony, dinner and reception, aka DANCING! However, not for the bridal party.... The day for the bridal party, bride and groom usually goes as follows: Getting ready, ceremony, photos of the bridal party and groomals, squeeze in some food, struggle to say hi and thank you to everyone, daddy daughter dance, first dance as husband and wife, more struggling to say hi to everyone, dancing, bouquet toss, garter toss, more hellos, cake cutting and whatever family traditions you may have.

When it comes to our wedding, we lucked out with our photographer, as he is willing to do our groomals the day after the wedding, so we have enough time to take photos with our family, since a lot of them will be from out of town and we want to celebrate with them as much as possible. A new tradition that has grown in popularity is the "reveal the dress" photoshoot. Usually a week or so prior to the wedding, the bride reveals her dress to the groom and afterwards does groomals. This, although not something we wanted to do, is a good idea. Why? You are able to get the groom's surprised face, and you are able to have more time the day of the wedding.

So something to think about...

  • On what day do you want to do your photos?
  • What's most important to you on the day of your wedding? 
  • If you do groomals before or after your wedding, would you hire the make up artist and hair stylist, or would you do your own hair and makeup?

Try to have as much planned so the day of your wedding is all joy and stress-free. Communicate with everyone involved, and don't be afraid to speak up about concerns and wants!

We're all in this together!!