Looking back now, I'm in love. I'm in love with the way I feel towards my husband, in love with the new culture I got to briefly be a part of, the double cheek kisses, desserts, the early morning cappuccinos, the constant struggle of learning a new language and the satisfaction that comes with it, the dreadful bumping of shoulders when walking through large crowds, the kindness of the few and rudeness of the many, waking up to new smells, fast showers, the raw emotion people were okay with showing and feeling, accordion music playing in the background as if it were the theme music to your own dreams coming true and then being shattered by vendors selling merchandise illegally, but somehow still realizing that they are just trying to make ends meet the way they know how, the endless history that surrounded us day in and day out, aching of my feet knowing that I had given this country everything I had to give and still hadn't experienced a third of what it had to offer, the feeling of being so afraid, but so madly in love.... that was Italy.